If you’re still translating your website by sending excel files and screenshots back and forth—stop. WPML* is a sleek plugin for WordPress that will let you send content straight to Meridian Linguistics, to be translated into any requested language.

The process is automatic, but the translation is by humans.

You choose what to translate, whether it be part or all of your site, so that you can choose what content is the most relevant for any given audience. Meridian will receive an automated notification, and will translate the content and send it back to your site using the WPML plugin so that you don’t have to worry about putting text in the wrong place. This is particularly helpful if your website developer doesn’t know the language we’re translating into!

For most businesses, you are missing out on hundreds of potential markets, and possibly millions of potential customers, if you aren’t offering your content in other languages. Remember, you can reach 50% of the world’s internet users with just three languages.

And a mistake in your translation, or shoddy machine translation, can cost you your reputation with any given market in a flash.

Meridian Linguistics is fully-equipped to provide rush service in over 200 languages, with particular strong resources in the Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages.

*WPML is a popular Wordpress plugin developed by OnTheGoSystems, which also developed the plugin Toolset. Since 2007, the company has been expanding the capabilities of WordPress. Today, OnTheGoSystems’ software powers over ½ million commercial sites, from all over the world.

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