How To Get Paid For Your Translation Work

Once you have completed a translation project for Meridian Linguistics, you can go ahead and send us your PDF invoice (we do not accept electronic invoices through ProZ or Paypal as we must retain copies for our records).

We like to make this process as simple and efficient as possible for our freelancers, so we don’t have a lot of complicated rules you need to follow or any portals to register. You can use your own invoicing software or templates, or feel free to use ours here;

INVOICE TEMPLATE – Download a word file

If you choose to use your own invoice, please just make sure it includes the very basics:

  • Your full name
  • Your address (this is for tax purposes)
  • Our name and billing info: Meridian Linguistics Limited, 25/F Workington Tower, 78 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • Your payment information (this MUST be on the invoice, not in the body of your e-mail, and please clearly indicate your Paypal e-mail address)
  • The date the project was assigned
  • A description of the project (filename, language pair, word count, rate per word)
  • The PO number of the job (usually in the subject of the assignment e-mail, but as sometimes jobs are assigned before they have a PO number, you can double check with your Project Manager if you aren’t sure)

For fastest processing, please send your invoice to:

We pay by Paypal for amounts under USD $300. For amounts over $300, you may choose Paypal or Bank Wire. We cannot be responsible for your Paypal, banking, or currency exchange fees.

You may choose to invoice for each job separately, or to bundle several jobs together to save on wire fees. It is up to you!

We pay within 15-30 days of receiving your invoice.

NEW: For most assignments, we can now offer rush payment within 1 week, for a fee of 5% of the invoice, and for amounts under USD $2,000 only. For this option, please confirm with your Project Manager that the assignment is eligible for rush payment, then ensure that your invoice contains all the requested information above. Clearly indicate on the invoice AND in your e-mail that the invoice should be processed rush. Please be sure to indicate the amount of the rush discount on the invoice.

Happy translating, and let’s get you paid!