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Prices for translation and interpretation


Many large translation companies rely on an array of smaller companies to actually deliver the work. The longer this chain goes on, the higher your price. and the harder it is to verify quality and accountability. Meridian works directly with linguists. Period. Our linguists are vetted and tested, but are all independent contractors, so you pay ONLY for the product that you ordered. Not our company lunches. Not our editor’s vacation time.

Translation (text)

Translations are charged per word, and pricing varies across language and subject matter. An English page usually has about 200-300 words, and don’t worry if your document is a PDF – we can provide word counting services. If your project is high-volume, we are happy to offer computer-assisted translation services which search for duplication in order to lower the overall cost of your project.

Interpretation (speech) 

Interpreters generally charge by the hour or by the day, but we can also provide you with per-minute remote interpretation via our app.

We never proceed with work until you have confirmed our quote, and we won’t surprise you with extra fees.


  • Translation of Usage Instructions on a Pill Bottle

Pricing examples for translation


  • 7.5 Minutes of Russian Interpretation on our App


  • 4 pages of a Korean to English Instruction Manual


  • 5 Pages of a Spanish to English Legal Contract


  • Korean <> English simultaneous interpreters for a one-day business meeting, general subject matter


  • 100 pages of Chinese patents into English, rush turnaround, split between a team of translators across time zones with editors to harmonize terminology