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How to Get a Wordcount on a Microsoft PowerPoint File

An important step in ascertaining the cost of a Microsoft Powerpoint translation is knowing how many words are in it: this is the best measure of how much work it will be for the translator.

However, unlike Word documents, Powerpoint files don’t have a handy wordcount in the document footer.

So do you really have to copy and paste the text into a word file to get the word count?

Actually, no! Powerpoint DOES have a built-in word counting function, and it is not that hard to find.


Just go to File, Info.



Then, go the well-hidden “Show All Properties”.



Then you have the word count right there!



CAREFUL: If you’re counting words for a translation job, your count is not over just yet. You should carefully click through all slides and check all the images in the powerpoint.

If there is uneditable (flattened) text in the images, it won’t be counted in this word count.

Your best course of action is to ask your clients if they want you translate that text as well.

If they do, you’ll need to count those words by hand.

Next, you’ll want to check with your client if they want you to deliver those translations in a separate word file or inserted text boxes (to be formatted by the client’s team) or if they need you to format it yourself.

If the latter, you can try to find graphic designers on a freelancer website like Upwork or Fiverr to help you out with this. Meridian Linguistics also keeps a database of graphic designers in all timezones, with varying linguistic expertise, to easily format our client’s PowerPoint graphics.

Now that you know how many words are in your PowerPoint file, do you know how much to charge your translation client? If you need some extra tips, check out our hourlong course here.